Recipe for Long Life?

Ethical Investing begins with a philosophy. In the middle is research. It ends with action. Why do we invest ethically? 1. Long term goals, not short term gain. 2. A sense that there is more to this life than acquiring wealth at any cost. 3. Long life???

Ivory Tower Wealth

Luke 16 tells a parable of a rich man, and a poor man named Lazarus. In life, Lazarus sat at the rich man’s gate and longed to eat the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table. The rich man dressed in purple and fine linens and feasted sumptuously every day.

AIG is First Insurer to Tackle Climate Change

Insurance customers see rising rates and dropped policies.  Insurance companies, according to Ceres , experience insured losses multiplying 15-fold in three decades: far faster than inflation, population or growth. Climate change affects nearly every industry in at least three ways: directly (i.e. drought, sea level rise), through increased regulations, and through market perception that climate…

Green Weddings

Green Weddings have caught the attention of The New York Times Style Section, which mentions helpful businesses like Organic Bouquet and

Ethanol: Down But Not Out (Part One)

With the transportation sector accounting for two-thirds of our nation's oil consumption and one-third of our greenhouse gas emissions, developing an alternative fuel for transportation represents a tremendous market opportunity.  Not only would alternative fuel dramatically reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but it would also make significant strides in neutralizing the effects of global…


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Hybrids that Get Up to 250 MPG???

AFS TRINITY POWER CORPORATION, a privately held company located in Bellevue, Washington, announces the development of new Flywheel Drivetrain technology that may become the industry standard for hybrids… enabling cars to achieve 250 MPG!!! Read the full story at Green Car Congress.

Catching the Green Wave with Andrew Winston

Today it's increasingly clear that, considering the environment is no longer trendy or simply the right thing to do for business, there is no alternative. Andrew Winston, founder of Winston Eco-Strategies and co-author of Green to Gold : How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage gave an engaging…

Offsetting Carbon in Air Travel

This surprise blog results from some time I spent this weekend looking into ways for us to try to ecologically offset our air travel. There is tons of info out there and I’m a novice, but I thought I’d share the quick ‘n’ easy options that I managed to find…. The first option is obviously…

More on Social Entrepreneurship

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