China and the Olympics Hype

Photo: china_puwa, Creative Commons, Flickr What will China look like after the Olympics? This seems like a dull question that has been asked a million times by mainstream media. But what if we ask another question, one with a more sinister undertone: Is the Chinese government using the Olympics hype to cover up fundamental problems?

Looking for Good Dividend Stocks

I’m in Boulder, Colorado today. The town seems full of people living on dividends. If you’re looking for stocks to retire on, go for growing dividends. In these times of uncertainty with the stock market and currency, stable dividends provide a floor on a stock’s price.

McDonald’s Product Placement Ruins Journalism

I have to respect any consumer products company that is innovative in its marketing. First McDonald’s knocks over Starbucks (SBUX – $14.54) with competing coffee. Now they trick the Meredith corporation into accepting innovative product placement no self respecting journalist would take. According to the New York Times, KVVU News in Las Vegas is accepting…

What Grand Slam Tennis Means for Girl Power Profits

For the first time since the women’s movement came about, an economic recovery has come and gone and the percentage of women at work has fallen, not risen, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Has girl power lost its momentum? Women continue to be underrepresented in top management positions on both sides of the Atlantic.…

Why You Should Become My Facebook Friend

“What, exactly, is the Internet? Basically it is a global network exchanging digitized data in such a way that any computer, anywhere, that is equipped with a device called a ‘modem’, can make a noise like a duck choking on a kazoo” – Dave Barry, American writer.

Why Will the World End? Because We Are Nitwits

Judith Warner wrote the most interesting thing in the New York Times last week: This is a story of selfishness and greed, of self-centeredness, envy and the ignorant folly of a person too short-sighted to realize she should count herself lucky because her college education didn’t have to be paid for with the milk of…

California Burnin’

In 1965, a group called The Mamas & the Papas came out with a song, “California Dreamin’. The lyrics describe a New York winter and a nostalgia for Los Angeles, a place described as safe and warm.