13 Random Things I Learned at Pop!Tech

If you give American kids a tough math problem to solve and tell them they have fifteen minutes to solve it, they will give up on it after two, Chinese kids will still be working on it after the 15 minutes have passed. –Malcolm Gladwell

Every day 24,000 people die of malnutrition. That many people. Everyday. –Pam Ronald

Male and female fragrance is all the same, the only reason perfume companies market to men is to give them heterosexual permission to wear scent. –Chandler Burr

People will pay for conviviality. That’s why you can charge so much more for the same exact bottle of beer in a bar than in a supermarket. That’s why people are still seeing movies in theaters. –Matt Mason

The problem of AIDS in Africa goes beyond affordable testing. Only 5% of people in South Africa have even been tested. People find it embarrassing to go to a clinic. -Robert Fabricant, frog design

Traffic and links are the new currency. –Chris Anderson, Wired

You don’t have to teach people to read and write or put shoes on their feet to improve their communities. –Bunker Roy

The average video gamer is 35 years-old. -Suzanne Seggerman, Games for Change (G4C)

The most powerful non-verbal display of confidence is making a steeple with your fingers outstretched. –Joe Navarro

The biggest determinant of whether or not a man uses a condom is whether or not his friend uses a condom. -Dr. Gary Slutkin, CeaseFire

There is a website called IFoundYourCamera.com dedicated to reuniting people with their lost cameras. -Frank Warren, PostSecret

If you put like-minded people in the same room they will come out of that room with more extreme views of what they agreed on already. –Bill Bishop

We have no idea how many people populate the world and how many are living in poverty because we have no documentation that these people even exist. -Melanie Edwards, Mobile Metrix

Although the Republicans are trying to attack Democrats on the same things they always attack them on (values, communication, authenticy, trust and identity), Obama is winning anyway. –George Lakoff