Anti War Protesters at Code Pink Lose Their Way

Until now I have always supported the Anti Iraq War stance of Code Pink Women For Peace.  I think that the U.S. invasion of Iraq did nothing to make the country safe from terrorism, as well as needlessly cost taxpayers. Generally, it is an abuse of our patriotic young men and women in our military.  However, I think Code Pink has gone too far with their protest of a Marine recruiting station in Berkeley, California

Americans who join the armed forces do so out of a respect for democracy and pride in community.  To yell at and harass those who might join the military is missing the point.  Code Pink organizers should be attacking the politicians that make decisions, not the military that executes them.  It would seem that Code Pink's leaders have lost their way on this one just like the Bush Administration lost its way and ignored intelligence and military advisors back in 2003.

Code Pink, please do not be as arrogant as our President.  Please do not make me ashamed of you the way I am ashamed of our president.  Please come to your senses; do not aim your attacks at the wrong target.

Disclosure:  I have financially, supported Code Pink for the past few years.  I have never been a member of the military.  I have friends at Code Pink but I don't think I can support the organization if my money goes to shaming our military personnel.