At Least Once A Year

There is nothing like going to a memorial service to put things in perspective.

I went to one yesterday and I think everyone should go to one at least once a year. She was a great lady. A lot of people had plenty of good things to say about her when the microphone was passed around. What will people say about me? 

It made me think that "Ethical Investing" is only half the issue. What about "Ethical Spending?" Take a look at a site like to get some perspective and then talk to me about what color your Hummer is going to be.

If God has blessed you with affluence then it is only ethical to figure out how best you can bless others in this world. Nobody stands up at a memorial service to say, "She invested thoughtfully." Rather, people stand up and say, "She invested in others, and that is what made her great."

So now your challenge is to not only invest well enough to cover your own expenses (which could be lowered of you don't get that Hummer), but to also have enough to share with others.

Disclosure: I am long Samaritan's Purse ( ), Grace to You ( ) and my local church Sanctuary Bible Church ( ).