BP (BP) Gets Bloggers Involved

BP (BP) Gets Bloggers Involved
Photo: jnxyz, Creative Commons, Flickr
The power of bloggers is once again being put in the spotlight as BP (BP) encourages bloggers to use the latest product offering from the company, BP with Invigorate. BP offered some schwag to the bloggers in exchange for their thoughts on exclusively using BP with Invigorate. According to the BP Web site, Invigorate cleans, protects and enhances the performance of your car. It’s supposed to save you money in the long run on gas and maintenance. BP is hoping that enlisting the help of bloggers will create some buzz around the product.

This isn’t the only thing BP is doing in an attempt to get people interested. There is a "station tour" that has been underway since July and ends in October. You can visit gas stations selling BP with Invigorate and try it out for yourself.

I’m not sure how well this is working, since I haven’t actually really heard about it. But then, I do live in the back end of nowhere.

Positioning fuel as more efficient and better for cars is something that Chevron (CVX) has been doing for years (you know, with Techron). So it remains to be seen whether BP can leverage this into something that translates into long-term success.

Disclosure: I do not own BP or CVX.

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