The Story of Stuff

I have a list of about 100 movies I’ve never gotten around to seeing so I know all about putting things off. But even I managed to make time for this 20 minute fast-paced video about stuff. It sounds like a weird premise but that’s literally what it’s about. Our stuff. Where it comes from.…

In the Valley of Elah

In the Valley of Elah is a new film from Paul Haggis (director and writer of Crash, writer of Million Dollar Baby, among others). I should say at outset I am ambivalent about Haggis’s work. In previous films, he tends to write “on the nose,” choppy, emotionally overwrought scenes that shove their message directly at…

Blue State

Blue State is a movie about a guy who so completely devotes himself to John Kerry’s 2004 campaign because of his hatred of George W. Bush, that he swears to move to Canada if Bush is reelected.

A Reasonable Review of An Unreasonable Man

In fairness, An Unreasonable Man offers both perspectives on Ralph Nader; the “wicked”-ly naïve megalomaniac that cost Gore the 2000 election, and the idealist who stands up to government even in unfashionable times.  It is not shocking that more screen time is given to the latter.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Who Killed the Electric Car? is pretty much what you’d expect – a 90-minute infomercial about the electric vehicle crossed with a scathing expose of the evil oil and automotive industries. The protagonist of the film is a bright-eyed redhead named Chelsea Sexton, who joined the marketing team for GM’s prototype electric car, EV1, fresh…