What Grand Slam Tennis Means for Girl Power Profits

For the first time since the women’s movement came about, an economic recovery has come and gone and the percentage of women at work has fallen, not risen, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Has girl power lost its momentum? Women continue to be underrepresented in top management positions on both sides of the Atlantic.…

California Burnin’

In 1965, a group called The Mamas & the Papas came out with a song, “California Dreamin’. The lyrics describe a New York winter and a nostalgia for Los Angeles, a place described as safe and warm.

No More Executive Ban on Offshore Drilling

On Monday afternoon, President Bush lifted an executive ban on offshore drilling in the United States. (A ban, btw, that his father put into place.) The move, however, was mostly symbolic. Congress also has a ban on offshore drilling, and in order for the ban to be completely lifted, lawmakers have to get on board.…

The New York Times’ Socially Irresponsible Book Review

From Liesl Schillinger’s New York Times Book Review of Rivka Glachen’s Atmospheric Disturbances: Leo hops a plane to Argentina to find out, using Gal-Chen’s research on retrieving "thermodynamic variables from within deep convective clouds" to guide his own blundering "attempts at retrieval" of the "real" Rema. No, this is not chick lit. It’s unusual —…

Financing a Power Plant Without Bond Issues

Photo: davipt, Creative Commons, Flickr A recent article from Reuters states that environmental activists are opening a new frontier in their fight against coal-fired power plants by questioning the use of tax-exempt bonds to help fund such projects.

One in Five Atheists Believes in God?

Photo: Woodcock Johnson, Creative Commons, Flickr Originally published in the Washington Post and picked up by Forbes, the story reports that 92 percent of Americans believe in God or a higher power – “including one in five of those who call themselves atheists”.

Sulfur Dioxide to Cool the Planet is Another Bad Idea

Just when I thought we’d gotten over the silliness of trying to ameliorate our fossil-fuel misbehavior with geoengineering tactics like seeding the oceans with iron particles (to reduce acidification), along comes another wild idea; sending sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere to deflect the sun’s rays and cool the earth.

Are Alien Invaders All Bad?

Call them what you will, alien invaders, invasive species, or just aliens, these ecological-niche invaders are increasingly present in ecosystems on land and in water, and increasingly difficult to eradicate because they always seem to thrive, even when displaced, and frequently feed on – or otherwise eradicate – native populations.

The Phony “Bush Lied” Storyline

Those of us not susceptible to Bush Derangement Syndrome have always known that "Bush lied, kids died" is a phony story line for the political usage of the democrats; a rallying cry for the angry left; a mental disease with no known cure.

Doing the Springsteen to Extinction

Bruce said it best when he wrote the song, "One Step Up," bewailing the fact that we humans don’t seem to be able to learn even from the hard lessons, creating a history that is almost consistently one step up and two steps back.

The Tipping Point: 7.8

Drowned out by the uproar over global warming, the issue of ocean acidification doesn’t get much press lately, even though its cause (carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels) is identical and the results are even more disturbing.