Food, Inc.

  Are you curious about where your food comes from? MANOHLA DARGIS of the NY Times writes: "Forget buckets of blood. Nothing says horror like one of those tubs of artificially buttered, nonorganic popcorn at the concession stand. That, at least, is one of the unappetizing lessons to draw from one of the scariest movies…

The Real Victor in Iraq: Monsanto

Five years of occupation, more than $558 billion spent, 4,182 U.S. soldiers and 655,000 Iraqi civilians dead, and it now looks like Monsanto (NYSE.MON – $71.95) is going to be the real victor in Iraq thanks to a postwar document known as Order 81.

What Happens to the Stock Market if Obama Becomes the CEO of America?

Photo: iceman9294, Creative Commons, Flickr It’s easy and counterproductive to politicize the stock market: Democrats would say the it’s plunging due to eight years of Republican leadership. Republicans would counter that the free-falling stock market is pricing in a Democrat in the White House. Research based on the past 80 years shows that American stock…

Why Paulson Can’t Clean Up the Pollution on Wall Street

When Adam Smith wrote about the “invisible hand” in 1776, he referred to the natural forces that allow the market to correct for seemingly disastrous situations with no intervention on the part of government. Unfortunately, the natural forces of the market are no longer relevant. Wall Street’s ecosystem has been polluted by a flawed broker-dealer…

Vaccination Side Effects, Sponsored by Merck

Photo: Meguro-jin, Creative Commons, Flickr Some headlines are so disconcerting one is forced to wonder if they’re true, yet this one – U.S. Government Mandates Merck’s Gardasil for Immigrants – is not only well-sourced but supported by government web documents.