Mission Statement

You are leading a double life. You are reading finance magazines and wondering if they are written on recycled paper, you are knowingly buying from companies that use sweatshop labor while signing petitions against sweatshop labor, you are driving a gas-guzzling automobile to a movie theater showing a documentary about the perils of the gas vehicle.

But you are not alone.

We, at The Panelist, understand that social consciousness and the bottom line are not mutually exclusive ideals, but rather a necessary union, the merger of which makes each aspiration more feasible. People managing their investments tend to be polarized into two camps: those that care about the world and those that care about maximizing returns for shareholders, retirement, college tuition or an endowment. But we know that the best way to profit is to do so responsibly and that the most effective way to make a difference is gainfully.

It took us awhile to come up with a name that covered the many divergent aspects of what our website has to offer, while targeting a reader whose interests are similarly varied, but after much deliberation we decided on The Panelist. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines "panelist" as "a member of a discussion or advisory panel." We define it as a person who brings to the table a perspective, an approach to a problem, and the desire to find a solution.

This website is a forum for sharing knowledge with others that may or may not agree with you, where what you know will be challenged by what you learn. We encourage fearless discourse and comprehensive interpretation, as an effective panel is only effective insofar as it is inclusive, spirited and diverse.

An effective panel is only as effective as its panelists.

Welcome to our panel.