Organic Tea

Our passion for organic tea began with the opening of our cafe in New York City in 2003.

We opened the doors to Grounded Organic Coffee & Tea House with an emphasis on quality of product and consistency of drink preparation. Though most New Yorkers are considered proud members of America’s vast "coffee culture," we noticed a strange occurrence at our cafe. Many of our loyal customers were opting out of the traditional coffee mold and, instead, ordering loose tea by the cup & pot from our then modest tea list. As our cafe increased in popularity, so did our tea list and tea drink offerings. We designed a tea latte menu with unique homemade drinks, such as our signature Green Tea Soy Latte (made with our organic Sencha) and freshly brewed Masala Chai Tea Latte (as opposed to the pre-made cartons). Our delicate Oolongs (such as our Ancient Oriental Beauty) have also earned a loyal following.

Many of our customers were soon asking if they could purchase our wonderful organic teas by the ounce for their private consumption. As easy as it is to find decent freshly roasted coffee beans at most gourmet food stores, it is much more difficult (and expensive) to find great tasting, reasonably priced organic loose teas. Our customers’ requests were answered and we are excited about our new venture in the world of fine teas. After countless attempts at settling on a name for our new tea company, we decided to keep it simple and subtle. Hence, the idea of Basic Tea was hatched.

Our 100% organic teas are plucked from the finest and most ecologically astute tea gardens in the world. Our tasty blends are custom made from premium spices, flowers, fruit extracts & essential oils. To ensure optimal quality we only stock enough tea for our customer’s immediate needs. Tea is a unique, uncomplicated beverage that is easy to prepare and a pleasure to consume. Our mission is simple: to provide you with an unparalleled tea experience from the comfort of your home with reasonable prices and timely delivery. Enjoy your tea!

Basic Tea Sampler Sets Indulge yourself with our best selling teas in one great package! Enjoy 3 different teas, each packed in our sleek tins in an attractive recycled gift box. We have several sampler sets to choose from. Also makes a beautiful gift for both expert tea lovers and novice explorers alike! Each tin contains approximately 2 oz. of tea.

Cellulose Packaging We are committed to protecting our environment by drastically cutting down on wasteful & unnecessary packaging. Our teas are packaged in simple, yet convenient and protective cellulose bags, which are 100% petroleum free, 100% biodegradable and FDA approved.

Our packaging, which is manufactured in the U.S.A. from sustainable wood pulp, is also completely compostable. We keep our packaging to a sleek minimum and use as little printing ink as possible.

Our goal is to give our customers the ultimate in tea quality & taste while ensuring that we don’t leave a negative footprint on our environment.