The following websites are supporters, writers, or we just plain like them:

financial bloggers that should write for us instead of themselves:

Green Bath and Beauty: – Cruelty free cosmetics and skin care

Green Living: – Green design. Great gifts – ecological technological innovations – Frequent news updates on the green movement – Sustainability issues – The Panelist makes a weekly appearance on Lime Radio

Green Events:

Green Business Networking Websites: – Enables social benefit organizations to leverage the tools of the social web. – Green Networking in a bar. Someone from The Panelist usually makes it to the Manhattan or Brooklyn meetup. Over 106 local organizations.

INFORMATION: – Climate science from climate scientists.

Green investing: – Incorporates all organizations’ attempts at providing economic, social and environmental value. – Long-term investing, integrated sustainability research, and client alignment.

Social and Political Thought: – Analyzes popular movements for social, environmental and economic justice. – Environmental news and commentary. – Craig from Craigslist indulges himself.

Watch Dogs: – Fair wages and employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged communities.

Staff, advisors and contributors personal websites:

David Neubert – Yeah you can spy on all sorts of information about him – Executive Editor’s online writing portfolio. – Travel films from around the world, some of which are hosted by Michelle Haimoff. – Furniture Design, Happy Living and Interesting Stuff and writer At The Panelist

IMInterview – Edgy interviews with hip people about their jobs. Another property of The Panelist Media, Inc.

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