Nation of Change

We recommended Nation of Change. Our Mission: At NationofChange, our mission is to help people create a more compassionate, responsible, and value-driven world, powered by communities that focus on positive solutions to social and economic problems. We strive to accomplish this mission through unbiased, independent journalism combined with practical, real-world activism in order to create…

Bearish on Media? Think Green

Google (GOOG – $312.08) stock has lost over 40 percent since July. In the last earnings call, the search engine company’s management expressed optimism on coming advertising revenue, but that message did not support the stock price. Not even its partnership with NBC Universal helped to convince investors.

Tax-Exempt Money Market Funds

Yields on tax-exempt money market funds have shot up in the last two weeks due to massive withdrawals from tax-exempt municipal market funds. At an average seven-day annualized yield of 5%, these money market funds are offering the highest yielding short investments since the 1980’s.

The USDA No Longer Protects Americans

Photo: law_keven, Creative Commons, Flickr There was enough money to bail out negligent bankers and Wall Street, but another program – to protect Americans from pharmaceutical, environmental and pesticide contaminants in meat, milk, dairy and eggs – was discontinued recently due to lack of funding.

Has Life Changed that Much in the Last 150 years?

Photo: djprybyl, Creative Commons, Flickr If we go back in time to pre-Civil War era United States, we would see a country that is a 180 degrees different than the United States in 2008. The powerful, upper crust of society was dominated by the large plantation owners and slavery was a legal and accepted practice.…

Freddie and Fannie Bailout: The $5.4 Trillion Contradiction

Photo: z_everson, Creative Commons, Flickr "Housing finance in the U.S. has long depended on the GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac," writes Stephanie H. Giroux, TD Ameritrade’s Chief Investment Strategist. "These mortgage lending giants were created by Congress in 1938 and 1970 to support the housing market, and currently hold $5.4 trillion of the roughly…

True to Form, Wall Street Hides Behind Complexity

Photo: Jamais Cascio, Creative Commons, Flickr Wall Street hides behind complexity, casing too many suckers to buy complex assets that they don’t understand. The sub-prime fiasco offers an excellent example: Very few people understood the instruments they were trading, but no one wanted to look stupid while the good times kept rolling. Now they do…