We Won!!!

ThePanelist.net won the Pop!Tech “Envision Scarcity and Abundance” Contest!

The contest posed the following challenge:

The world is a place of increasingly dramatic scarcities and abundances: more people, creating more wealth, has left us with fewer natural resources and fewer undisturbed wild places. The same dynamic is playing itself out in economics, politics, culture and elsewhere. But it isn’t all bad: more people, connected in more ways, means more ideas, creativity and solutions. Sometimes scarcity and abundance can be good and bad. Pop!Tech, a path-breaking non-profit working at the vanguard of thought leadership and social innovation, and Behance have partnered to find out what scarcity and abundance mean to the world’s leading creative professionals.

We’re eager to see your creative interpretations of the theme scarcity and abundance in: ecology, culture, politics, design, religion, technology, or simply your own creative imagination. The entrant that visualizes this world of More and More and Less and Less — in the most compelling fashion — will be invited to participate in and be featured at one of the world’s premier thought leadership conferences: Pop!Tech. Each year Pop!Tech gathers 600 thought leaders, influencers and social change agents – from the arts, science, technology, business, social innovation and more – to explore the new ideas, technologies and forces of change shaping our future.

There were 93 submissions and the judges were:

1) Andrew Zolli, Curator and Executive Director, Pop!Tech
2) Cheryl Heller, Heller Communication Design, Pop!Tech Board of Directors member
3) Matias Corea, Chief of Design, Behance

thepanelist.net was chosen as the grand prize winner! We will attend and be featured at the renowned Pop!Tech Ideas Summit in Camden, Maine on October 22-25th, 2008.

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