The New York Times Lightens Up

The New York Times (NYT) announced today that they are ending "TimesSelect" – the password protected site that only paying subscribers can access. The Op-Ed and news columns dating back to 1987 are now free for all Internet users, and only the complete archives (dating back to the first issue in 1851) are limited to subscribers.

This is good for two reasons:
1) I can cross "write a scathing opinion piece about how the Times charges for information" off my to-do list.
2) Bloggers everywhere can refer to the Times again with links to articles that don't demand payment up front.

The Times writes:

Since we launched TimesSelect, the Web has evolved into an increasingly open environment. Readers find more news in a greater number of places and interact with it in more meaningful ways. This decision enhances the free flow of New York Times reporting and analysis around the world. It will enable everyone, everywhere to read our news and opinion – as well as to share it, link to it and comment on it.

That's right Times, you're not the only game in town anymore. Nevertheless, we're proud to see you reluctantly stumble into the 21st century.