Top Child Care Programs

National Children's Facilities Network (NCFN) – The National Children’s Facilities Network is a coalition of nonprofit financial and technical assistance intermediaries involved in planning, developing, and financing facilities for low-income child care and Head Start programs.  Members come from all areas of the United State, and some are the leading sources of thinking on private-public investments in early childhood programs.  (Disclosure: I was on the Executive Committee of NCFN from 2003-2006, and served as the Network Chairperson in 2006.)

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
(LISC) – Since 1994, LISC has been leading the way in public-private investments in quality child care facilities that serve low income children in several Northeastern states.  A founding member of NCFN, the program’s leadership is known for their cutting-edge thinking in policy and finance strategies.

Bright Horizons – Bright Horizons is a publicly-owned company that is renowned for the high quality care offered worldwide by wonderful staff in well-planned facilities, often in partnership with companies.  I only wish they would find a way to serve more low-income families, but I still adore their work.

National Women's Law Center
(NWLC) – NWLC is the premiere federal policy player.  Their expertise on everything from child care to Head Start to state pre-kindergarten initiatives is unparalleled.

National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) – NACCRRA works with state and local child care resource and referral agencies to solve market failures in child care: to ensure that parents’ understand what quality child care is and that there is a supply to meet that demand.  They also support child care operators and help create sustainable business practices.